What is in your regular soap?

Many soap products we use to get clean for example body wash, facial soaps, and just regular bar soap may be doing more harm than good. One of the main ways our bodies soak in and receive nutrients other than eating is through our skin. A special membrane within our skin allows us to absorb all the minerals and nutrients, but unfortunately our skin will also absorb harmful chemicals as well. Chemicals in soap are very common and can be very serious to our overall health. Chemicals can fluctuate  hormone production, increase chances of skin cancer, induce allergies, and even lead to reproductive problems.

What to watch out for?

When buying soap there are four main chemicals and ingredients that a consumer should keep in mind before purchasing. The first chemical is “Fragrance” if your looking on the back of the bottle at ingredients and see the listing “Fragrance.” The company is being vague and could be hiding something. Currently the FDA does not enforce companies to disclose fragrant ingredients because the chemicals used to make the fragrance is consider “trade secrets.” Another harmful ingredient added to common soaps is “Parabens.” When parabens enter the bloodstream the body mistakes them as estrogen blockers and disrupts hormone production. Sulfates are another common ingredient added to soaps that do more harm than good. Sulfates strip our bodies natural oils and increase risk of penetration to our skin. Last common chemical to keep an eye out for is “Triclosan.” Studies have shown that Triclosan, most commonly found in antibacterial soaps, actually increases growth of bacteria on our skin.

All Natural Company with no chemcials!

Benefits of Mineral Soaps:

The benefits of mineral soaps are many! These soaps are very high in salt content that help clean your pores, the pollution gathered in your body, and the impurities in your skin. ¬†WRevii Mineral Soaphile the salt is digging into your pores the minerals within the soap re hydrate, re energize, and moisturize your body and skin. For women and men that are aging this is essential to keep your skin from drying and dying. Recently a company named “Revii” has made its way into the mineral soap marketplace and has delivered a great product! Revii has produced a mineral soap that is essential to everyone looking to get away from those nasty chemicals from regular brand name soaps. Revii’s mineral soap is produce and made with concentrated and ph-balanced natural cleansing agents. Their soap as a nice pristine scent with the fragrance of natural lily. The green color of the mineral soap is formed by the natural plant chlorophyll. Revii’s mission is to ensure their consumers get an excellent natural product that will clean and cleanse your skin and body.